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Southern Fried Asian

Apr 18, 2018

On an all new episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith sits down with comic book artist, Joshua Luna.

Josh and Keith talk about growing up in Virginia and what led Josh to creating comics about Asian American identity go viral on Twitter (2:00). They also discuss the South's hidden Asian American histories (4:30) and the...

Apr 11, 2018

Manny Jacinto may not be an actual Southern Fried Asian, but he plays one on TV! Keith welcomes the star of NBC's hit comedy, The Good Place star on a brand new pod!

After Manny describes growing up in Canada and moving to Los Angeles (2:00), he reveals how he got the role of Jason Mendoza on The Good Place (4:30). He...

Apr 4, 2018

In the very first live episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith traveled to Washington D.C., to speak with OCA National board member and Mississippi native Stan Lou as part of the 1882 Foundation's monthly Talk Story events.

On the show, Stan talks about his childhood growing up in Greenville, Mississippi during the era...