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Southern Fried Asian

Oct 14, 2021

Southern Fried Asian is back for a brand new season! For this episode, we're rebranding as Southern Fried Asian Polynesian because our special guest is none other than (animated) Aquaman himself, Cooper Andrews!

Cooper joins Keith to talk about not only growing up in Atlanta, but also returning to Atlanta to shoot projects like The Walking Dead. They also dive into Cooper's love of DC Comics superheroes and working on franchises like Shazam and Aquaman. Speaking of Aquaman, Cooper also discusses what it's like meeting Jason Momoa and what they each bring to the character. Finally, Cooper explains why he misses chicken wings the most when he's in L.A., and why Waffle House is best visited in the middle of the night.

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Our official theme music is the song "Top Down" by ChopsTimothy Flu, and Mic Barz. Podcast logo by Jef Castro.

Southern Fried Asian is produced by Keith Chow and Jes Vu.