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Southern Fried Asian

Sep 27, 2017

On an all new episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith sits down with cartoonist, college arts instructor, and SIUniverse alum, Krishna Sadasivam.

Keith and Krishna start by reminiscing about working on the Shattered anthology and a project for the Smithsonian (1:30). Then, Krishna discusses growing up in Knoxville, TN (3:00) and how he found a community when he went to the University of Tennessee (8:45). Though there was parental pressure to be academically gifted and work in engineering (12:00), a fateful conversation with cartoonist Dave Sim (15:00) encouraged Krishna to take his art more seriously which eventually led to the birth of his popular webcomic The PC Weenies and other strips (25:00). Also, they discuss why it's actually important for children to be bored (36:00) and his work in the documentary Forgive Don't Forget (40:00). Finally, he explains why his mother's dosa always brings him back to his Tennessee childhood (44:00).

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