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Southern Fried Asian

Nov 22, 2017

After a brief hiatus, Southern Fried Asian is back! This time, Keith talks to YouTube and Instagram comedian, -- and recent co-host of Kollaboration's EMPOWER Weekend 2017 -- the ATL's own Joon Lee.

Joon and Keith talk their experiences at EMPOWER 2017 (2:00). Then, Joon discusses his experience growing up in a large Korean American community in Georgia (9:00) and how important Korean church was in making friends (12:45). Joon then explains how nervous he was hosting Comedy Night in front of the likes of Dante Basco and Jenny Yang (16:15), how he was inspired by Asian American YouTubers (20:50), and why Asian-specific comedy often seems to fall back on lazy racism as jokes (31:00). Finally, they discuss why Asians love to finish all of the food on their plates (38:35), why his family eats steak and kimchi for Thanksgiving (41:45) and their mutual love of Waffle House (45:30)!

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