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Southern Fried Asian

Dec 6, 2017

Fellow Hard NOC Media podcaster Preeti Chhibber, of Desi Geek Girls, stops by a brand new episode of Southern Fried Asian.

Preeti tells Keith about her childhood growing up in West Virginia (1:55) and her parents' experiences (or lack thereof) with racism (7:30) before diving in to the differences between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation (9:30). Later, Preeti explains what led her to identifying as a geek (16:00) and the culture shock of moving from small town West Virginia to South Florida and no longer being the only POC in school (30:30). Then they talk about how 9-11 changed everything about the way kids were racist in the South (36:00) and what it's like being the "hyphen" between Asian and American (42:50) and the fine line between authenticity and in-authenticity (47:00). As always, Keith closes the pod on a discussion about food, but with a twist as they discuss the politics behind certain people's food preferences (53:00).

As promised on the pod, this is the Vice news segment regarding the racisim of anti-MSG hysteria.

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