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Southern Fried Asian

Aug 29, 2018

On a new episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith talks to documentary short filmmaker Rita Phetmixay about growing up Lao Isaan American in North Carolina.

Rita shares the story of her family's harrowing journey after the war from Laos and Thailand to the States (2:00) and being one of the only Lao American families in...

Aug 22, 2018

Southern Fried Asian is back from hiatus with a brand new episode featuring cartoonist Kate Gavino, whose new book Sanpaku is in stores now!

Kate discusses her inspiration for creating Sanpaku (2:00) and her contribution to New Frontiers which was also a story about her grandmother (3:00). They also discuss what it...

Aug 1, 2018

Southern Fried Asian wraps up our special food month with a conversation between Keith and Starry Kitchen co-founder Nguyen Tran!

Nguyen talks about growing up in the suburbs of Dallas (4:00), why he would pretend to be Wonder Woman when the other kids bullied him (8:00), and dealing with different Asian stereotypes...